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This week we talk with Jeremy Larson and learn how you can manage your calls and techs in the field by using the new web based work order system called TechDispatch.

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The Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas last week. The Force Field provided video coverage of CES to the public and members of The Force Field from January 7 through the 11. High Definition Video coverage provided by The TechPodcast Network, Geek News Central and Slashdot Review was featured on throughout the event.The videos were hosted by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Andy McCaskey of Slashdot Review. They were accompanied by a camera crew to provide daily reports from the floor of CES. Gizmodo, a web site dedicated to the news and reviews of tech gadgets, pulled a prank at CES last week that got a member of their video crew tossed from the show.
The CaffiNation PodCast, a show about Caffeine Culture & Technology News hosted by Paul Muller, will reach two milestones this month. It will be both the 2 year anniversary and the 200th episode of CaffiNation. To celebrate, Paul will conduct a contest for listeners of his podcast. Bill Gates delivered what may be his last keynote at the opening of CES 2008 last week. During his keynote, Gates claimed that since the initial launch of Microsoft Windows Vista last year, over one hundred million Vista licenses were sold and one hundred million Vista users were surfing the web. On the surface that seems like a huge number and it is, but in a world with an estimated one billion PCs its relevance is not as impressive as he would have us believe. It may also not be accurate.

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Recently Jeremy Larson launched a web based application to manage work orders for one of the national contractors he services. Others became interested in using his system and on January 15, 2008 he expanded it to allow Providers everywhere to dispatch work to their techs in the field.

This week we are going to talk to Jeremy and learn about his system, find out how it works and how you can manage your calls and techs in the field by using the new web based work order system called TechDispatch.

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